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Make The Most of Your Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Industry Marketing

Are You Making The Most of Your Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Industry Marketing? Here are some pro tips for 2024.

Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom industry marketing can take many forms from in-store promotional and other offline marketing initiatives but the pull of digital marketing is usually the most significant in pulling in new clients.

Marketing Tip for 2024 – Is your website up to date?

One of the biggest universal turn offs for consumers and not just those engaging with kitchen, bedroom & bathroom industry marketing, is an out of date website.

If you last updated your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom business website more than 12 months ago and all your content has date stamps on it, then it isnt just Google that will start to think less and less of your website and its content, but your visitors will start to question if you have anything current and timely to say.

Put simply, if you are not updating your website with regular, timely, relevant and engaging content then you are doing your business a disservice as you are letting the competition gain advantage.

Best practice is to at least post to your web site once a month as a bare minimum, but weekly if you can.

This could be a run down of what projects you are working on and what you have completed recently, brand mentions from the products you use in your client projects or perhaps, your evaluation and take on current and future kitchen, bedroom & bathroom industry trends?

Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Industry Marketing Expert Jack Oakley said the following in respect of Google and Content;

“Google is trying to search for, index and then show its users what it thinks is the most recent, most relevant and most engaging content it can that answers to the intent of the person searching for that content.”

“If you and your main competitor have a similar profile but they are adding three times the (recent/relevant/engaging) content than you, then all other things being equal, their search results will start to pull away from yours but then over time will have gathered pace, leaving you behind”

Marketing Tip for 2024 – Are you showcasing your portfolio?

Following on from the point above in ensuring the regular addition of content to your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom business website that is recent, relevant and engaging, according to Jack Oakley, the best type of content you can add in this regard, is your portfolio.

Jack had the following to say, “Edible’s founder coined a phrase many years ago called ‘Third Party Validation’.

The premise is that you can say and claim to be the best at what you do, but when a new potential customer see’s your portfolio work, you are showing them the quality of your work and subconsciously, that goes a long way in helping validate you as that ‘third party interaction’ [in allowing their home to feature as a case study] is worth far more to your business than any self praise could.”

Best practice is to regularly showcase your client work via a portfolio section on your website as this is one of the biggest influences you can exert on your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom business marketing.

Marketing Tip for 2024 – Are you engaging (effectively) in Social Channels?

Whilst we all suffer the daily banality on social media from our connections and them seemingly posting every mundane element from their lives, you would be very very wise to take that motivation to disconnect and apply it to your own kitchen, bedroom & bathroom business marketing.

Look at your own marketing as a consumer would and ask yourself if you saw the type of content you are posting, would this attract and keep your attention, or would you switch off?

So, with this in mind, if you dont do so already, start off by posting your portfolio updates to your social channels. Even better is to have your clients pin, tag, or repost your content. Again, think ‘Third Party Validation’.

If you just repost other peoples content, such as the brand messages from those you work with, you need to remind yourself of the opportunity you are missing to engage with your audience. 

Take for example, a tap supplier you use brings out a new tap. Rather than just repost their brand message, use it to your own advantage. 

Use their press release to evaluate the new tap from your (industry expert) point of view and what type of bathroom or kitchen settings, designs and styles would this ‘new tap’ work well with, and what ones it wouldnt?


In all of your content, be it direct on your own kitchen, bedroom & bathroom industry website or your socials pointing back to your website, use every post and every interaction as an opportunity to showcase your expertise and in doing so, demonstrate why your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom business is the one your audience should engage with and hire!

Edible is a UK and US digital consultancy whom to date have worked with dozens of kitchen, bedroom & bathroom businesses with their content creation, photography, marketing consultancy, search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising.

For more info on SEO for kitchen companies, bedrooms & bathroom industry marketing search Edible Marketing UK for more details.

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